About Us

So What is a MomsquiHER™?


One amazing thing about working together is that we bounce ideas off of each other. As women, we know we have barriers to overcome in the workplace such as equal pay and a seat at the table. As moms, we have to learn to balance our busy lives while learning daily to fulfill the amazing position as "mommy" and be present for our little loves. As lawyers, we have to be cognizant and aware to serve our clients effectively, run a business, work hard to be a partner, stay abreast on new issues and more. That is where MomsquiHER™ comes in! 

You have known Moore and Young Legal Solutions as your MomsquiHER™ Legal Squad and we are proud to serve you! We decided that creating a platform for moms who are soon to be lawyers and for those who are lawyers would be helpful and what was missing out there. We love being in lawyer mommy chat groups because we can laugh and feel the pain of our experiences together! We believe it is time to take it a step further to include seminars, create campaigns in support of our rights and needs, and meetups to develop a greater sense of support and a cohesive community! This community will assist in the journey of career growth, adjustment and change; self-care, mental health and wellbeing; family life as a working mom; advocacy; and juggling extracurriculars in things that are enjoyable. We are so excited to launch this initiative and help give a voice to other moms who are looking for a community of legal professionals to lean on. 

Meet Tanisia Moore, Esq.


Hi! I’m Tee Moore and it's my pleasure to meet you. I make up one half of the dynamic duo of MomsquiHER™. I originally hail from California but have become a certified Southern Belle. But California will always be home. 

Prior to becoming a entrepreneur I worked in the corporate sector for a major defense contractor and one Alabama’s largest university but then life happened. In 2015 I gave birth to my oldest daughter seven weeks early. For 23 days she spent time in the NICU, and for those same days I spent every day at the hospital. During that time I had to decide if I was going to back to work to save my time, or take the time to recover from my hard pregnancy. I went with the former but when it was time to go back to work,  I was faced with another tough decision. Should I quit to care my child or place her into daycare. At 12 weeks my daughter was still small and growing slowly. We all know that daycare germs are enemy of progress and designed to take us out! Lol! Putting my NICU baby into daycare didn’t sit well with me. I attempted to work out a feasible schedule with my former employer but to no avail. So, with the support of my husband I left the security blanket of my job and became a stay at home mother. 

While I enjoyed being a stay at home mom, there was a longing in my spirit to leave a legacy for my daughter. I wanted to set a strong foundation for her to grow upon and to know that she could become anything she wanted. Late 2015 I gave a half attempt at starting my law firm. I never owned a business nor did want to own a business. However, if I can be real in this moment, I initially started my firm out of desperation. I felt as if I was being a burden on my husband and that my decision to stop working would soon be the demise of my family. However, fear crept in and for a brief moment I stepped away from practicing law.

But God… In August 2016 I became pregnant with my youngest daughter. When I became pregnant with her the proverbial light bulb went off. It was at that moment that I had to decide what would be my legacy for my daughters. 2017 became the rebirth of Moore Legal Solutions, LLC, and in 2018, I grew to add my amazing partner. Together, we started doing business as Moore and Young Legal Solutions. 

I went onto publish my romance novel, After the Storm. Additionally I delivered the inspirational TedX Talk on balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. When I’m not tending to client matters, writing my next best seller, or empowering women, I enjoy spending time with my family. To date my favorite role in life is being a wife and a mother. Together with my family we enjoy traveling, eating Marcos pizza, and watching Paw Patrol. By myself I enjoy catching up with my girlfriends, watching Shondaland, and getting lost in a good book. 

Meet Jamila Young, Esq.


Hello! We are so elated to finally get this idea that was once a dream off the ground! I am Jamila Young. I am proud to be a co-owner of Moore and Young Legal Solutions and super excited to be one half of the MomsquiHER™ Team! I am from the Good Life City, Albany, GA and will always love the 229!

Growing up, I knew I always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others because of the values both of my parents instilled in me. After many back and forths, I decided to go to go into advocacy and law and attended Florida A&M University College of Law. After law school, I worked for CMS, Emory Urban Health Initiative and Grady Hospital Systems. My life felt fulfilled and I was able to finally make a difference in the lives of others.

In 2016, a few major events happened in my life: I moved to a new state and I became pregnant. I was elated because my biggest dream was to be a mother. My pregnancy included morning (after, evening, late night lol) sickness, the glucose test scare and antepartum depression. I was so unaware of these things and could only imagine what other women were enduring especially in stressful professions such as law. My son was born in December 2016 after over 24 hours of labor and a huge scare that both of us could lose our lives if a C section wasn’t performed. Happily, we are both here today and doing well! 

In 2017, I reached a turning point. My son and I abruptly returned to Georgia when he was 2 months old, and I did not want to put him in daycare nor was I ready to leave him because we were still learning about each other. I realized as a mother that time with your newborn was essential and also learned that many jobs gave as little as 6 weeks to do that which was heartbreaking. When he was 4 months, I was able to find a temporary position at a law firm that would allow me to be flexible and gave me time and space to pump and I was grateful. A few months after that job ended, I went back to working in health advocacy throughout the state of Georgia. Later in 2017, I became a contractor with the government on a nationwide project for health insurance and I was once again able to work in a flexible environment. As a single, first time mom, having roles that allowed for me to be with my son and still get paid if he was sick, time to travel so he could see his father in a different state or to go and come to work at flexible times was a blessing. 

Then in 2018, my contract position ended and I had to make a decision: find a position that would allow for my flexibility or have babysitters and a daycare that would have my son while I was at work for the required hours. At that time, Tanisia and I had become good friends and she suggested that I come on in an Of Counsel role at her firm. Although I never saw myself practice law fulltime, I thought it would be a good position. A month later after revamping the marketing, the website and practice areas, Tanisia asked me to be her partner and I said yes without hesitation because I loved my job,  we worked well together and I was establishing a legacy for my son! Almost a year later, we have changed our name, established a brick and mortar location and on the horizon to branch out!

I love being an attorney and helping others. I also rejoice that I co-own my firm and am able to make time for my son! When I am not in the office, I enjoy public speaking, working on my first novel, dance workouts to 90s and 2000s music, roadtripping to see me family and friends and being a fake chef! My favorite time is spent with my 2 year old son. We enjoy banging on instruments, building towers, running 5ks together and making our own roadtrip adventurers while marking off states to visit (our goal is all 50 by the time he is 18—he has been to 6)!